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You’ll Seeeeeee

While trying to write my elevator pitch and getting frustrated that I couldn’t find the right words, I decided to pick up my guitar and do an improvised song to loosen up and get my thoughts flowing. They’re not the exact right words, but the basic gist of what I’m trying to communicate. 😉

I sing to myself everyday as a way to loosen up and improvise ideas to let them flow out instead of getting stuck in my mind that tends to overthink itself into a tizzy. I do it a lot to get out of my own way when I get fearful of making a decision or saying the wrong thing – what if? what if? what if?!!!!

It’s a way to get back into alignment and connected to my soul. It makes me feel good and it’s a lot more healthy and less damaging to my body than smoking cigs!

What do you do to loosen up and get the flow?

More of my improvised audio sketches on Soundcloud »


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