Personal Help Line

Belly breathing…. in…….. out…… in……. out……. in……. out…….

Listen to the relaxing sounds of nature to calm your nerves.

You’re OK and you’re doing a great job!

Write out what’s frustrating you.

Find a different way to approach the challenge you face.

You haven’t figured it out YET but you will.

Take a walk if you need fresh air and a change of scenery.


Run in place as fast as you can for 10 seconds.

You’ve got this.

Reach out for help to get a different perspective.

Everyone gets frustrated and stuck even though it seems like others have it more together than we do, or they seem faster, or more ahead… etc. Keep trying and putting in the effort. Persistence pays off.

(Or go put your feet up and take a power nap. Our unconscious mind can help us work out a problem while we rest. You’ll wake up like you’ve rebooted yourself.)