Recommended Books


Big Magic

This book helps lighten up the creative process and to illustrate a different path to creating that doesn’t have to be all torturous and painful. 🙂

Link to Big Magic book – »


Refuse to Choose!

If you struggle with seemingly wayyy too many interests that are clogging your brain and making it hard to focus and get any of them started or going – this is a great book for you! Barbara Sher reminds me of my late grandmother, Honey. When I stumbled across this TEDx talk below, it was like listening to Honey after all these years.  xoxo

Link to Refuse to Choose book – »


Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Speaking of unclogging the brain – this book is also great for off-loading ideas and tasks you’re storing in your brain and helps you create a trusty system so you can use your brain for what it’s good for and let your system do the rest.

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them” – David Allen

Link to Getting Things Done book – »

Both Getting Things Done and Refuse to Choose have really helped me have less stress because I know that I have places to put my ideas when they pop into my mind while I’m in the middle of other things. And I practice going back to my systems so I know my ideas/reminders/tasks won’t get lost and my mind and body can relax knowing I’ll get back to it.


Reminders When Stuck

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