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Handy Online Tools

Here are is a list of online tools that I find useful in my workflow. I’ll add others as I remember or discover ๐Ÿ™‚

Need to change ALL UPPER CASE to Title Case?

Need to remove line breaks in text you’ve copied?

Need to paste copied content from Word or Google Docs into WordPress as plain text?
Command + shift + v
It’s cleanest to style your text/posts in WordPress so that you don’t copy over HTML with embedded styles from Word or Google Docs etc. This way you won’t have unexpected styles showing up and instead, your text will have the same styles as your website.

Want to make your web images even smaller?

Need to generate some placeholder text?

Need to convert units or do a calculation?
Use Google or Spotlight Search on a Mac
example: “36 in to cm”

Or ask Siri (iPhone)
Here are some super handy things Siri can assist you with:
I love using Siri to create reminders for me so I can set it and forget it.
example: “Hey Siri, remind me to call so-and-so tomorrow morning at 9”

Need to translate something?

Need to share a screenshot, but don’t want to clog up everyone’s inbox with attached images?


What are some of your favorite tools or online generators?