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I Love Rainbows!


I was pleasantly surprised when I did a git push of a recent commit to Bitbucket, and saw the Atlassian logo printed to the console in rainbow colors! Super cute!

Ok, now back to work….just wanted to share. It’s been awhile. I’m not great at the whole blog thing – but I’m OK with that…. A few posts now-and-then is cool with me.

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer so I like to get out in nature with my baby girl (Emma, my fawn pug — My black pug, Sammy, passed away in April… we’re adjusting to the new reality. It’s been very sad… We miss her…).

I also like to spend time drawing/sketching/doodling on paper. Gotta balance it out. Too much time in computer/server/phone world is … too much time. 😉

The outside world is quietly calling… go observe the little details of the world on a nice leisurely walk. Feels good to get away from the glowing screeeeens! Go 🌿

=^..^= (our kitty Istie-boy also passed away last August… we miss him too….)


Art Director, Web & Graphic Designer =^..^=

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